• OD roller clutch failure
  • Aftermarket replacement bushings are a poor fit in output shaft housing


Output shaft housing bore varies in diameter, resulting in inconsistent bushing fit.


Machine the output shaft bushing housing I.D. and install the Sonnax precision bushing.

42RE, 42RH, 46RE, 46RH, 47RE

Oversized O.D. Sprag Pilot Bushing
Part No. 12509-01

Fits '88-later units.

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The sprag pilot bushing bore found in '88-later listed Chslyer units' overdrive output shafts can vary in diameter by .011". This variation may result in loose-fitting replacement bushings. You can restore overrunning clutch and output shaft operational clearances by machining the output shaft and installing Sonnax oversized bushing 12509-01.

  • Save otherwise good output shafts which are becoming more expensive and harder to find
  • Restores correct clearance when the output shaft housing bore is machined to accept the bushing

Installation requires that the output shaft bushing bore be machined oversized.

  • Bushing Style: Precision
  • Material: Steel-backed bimetal
  • Width: 0.710"
  • Shaft Dia.: 2.140"
  • Housing Bore: 2.301"
  • 12509 01 combo
  • 12509 01