• Burnt bands
  • No Reverse
  • Rear servo piston sticking/breakage


Piston cocking in bore and pin bore wear inhibits band apply.


Restore normal servo operation by installing Sonnax rear servo piston.

47RE, 48RE

Rear Servo Piston
Part No. 22912C

Fits '97-later units.

OE Part No. 52118745

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The rear servo piston in Chrysler 47RE and 48RE '97-later units can get wedged in the bore, causing bind in Reverse. Intermittent binding leads to bore wear and band damage. The improved design and material of Sonnax rear servo piston 22912C eliminates these concerns for consistent rear band apply.

  • Verify OE piston by referring to image shown here.
  • Modified seal ridges prevent piston from sticking in case bore
  • Billet aluminum won’t crack like OE cast piston
  • 2.460" O.D. piston
Part No. Application OE Part No. O.D.
22912C 47RE, 48RE '97-Later 52118745 2.46"
22912B 47RE/RH '94–'96* 4531229 2.46"
22912 46RE/RH, A727 2801281 2.80"
  • 47RE, 48RE Rear Servo Piston 22912C
  • 47RE, 48RE Rear Servo Piston 22912C details