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Extreme Planetary Carrier Assembly & Output Shaft
Part No. 28169G-06SP

1.69 Ratio, Short shaft, 24-Tooth

Sonnax offers complete Powerglide planetary assemblies available with a variety of gear set options. These assemblies come in various configurations to meet different build requirements. HY-Tuf, rolled spline output shafts are available in the OE length or short length, along with an optional 300M rolled spline short shaft version. The machined-from-billet drum flange is offered either 12-tooth (OE) or 24-tooth configurations. Extreme planetary assemblies from Sonnax include Advanced Process sun gears and pinions made to the same exacting standards used on Formula 1, Nascar and other high-end professional racing circuits. Advanced Process parts undergo an additional three-step process that allows for greater durability and higher levels of performance. These units are fully assembled and ready to install.

  1. Cryogenic tempering to ultra-low temperatures (-350°F) for an even denser, more uniform gear with a tough and wear-resistant structure.
  2. Shot peening for increased gear resistance to fatigue failure, cracking or galling.
  3. Super-finish to reduce friction, vibration, noise and wear on the gear, potentially tripling the life of the part.
  • Carrier Assembly
  • Output Shaft (Short Length)
  • 1:69 Gear Set (24-Tooth)
  • Gear Process Level: Extreme
  • Material: 300M Rolled Spline
  • Shaft Length Option: Short
  • Flange Tooth Count: 24
  • Ratio: 1.69
  • 28169g 06sp