POWERGLIDE Planetary Assemblies

Optimized Performance Guarantees You Never Overpay or Underspec

Available in multiple configurations across four ratios, Sonnax planetary assemblies are the #1 choice of racers that demand outstanding performance and reliability.

These gear sets are a BIG step up from standard case-hardened and tempered varieties. High-quality materials combined with an advanced heat-treating process results in incredibly tough, wear-resistant gears.

Build the PERFECT Powerglide

Premium Series

Best Quality & Value for Demanding Applications

Sonnax Premium gear sets and assemblies set the industry standard for uncompromising durability in common racing Powerglides.

Extreme Series

Highest Quality Planetary Assemblies in the World

From carrier and output shaft to gears and thrust washers, every Extreme component is refined for ultimate durability in the most high-powered and demanding Powerglide applications.

Powerglide Shafts and Gear Assemblies


Track-Proven to 2,000 HP


Track-Proven to 3,000 HP

Sonnax Warranty 2 Years (Gears Only) 2 Years (Gears & Shaft)
Gear Material 9310 Suns & Pinions 9310 Suns & Pinions
Gear Process Premium
Shaft Material 4340 300M
Shaft Splines Cut Spline Rolled Spline
Drum Flange 12-Tooth 24-Tooth
Ring Gear Standard Maximum Duty

Applies to planetary assembly kits only

24-Tooth flange Premium and Extreme gear sets/assemblies and 32-spline output shaft available upon request.

Big Shaft System

Go BIGGER with Sonnax Extreme Planetaries

Stop worrying about input shaft failure when running the Powerglide in the most extreme applications. Sonnax offers the only big input shaft upgrade with custom components designed to work together for reliable performance.

Watch the video to learn how easy it is to level up an existing planetary assembly or build from scratch in the gear ratio of your choice.

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Powerglide 1.58 Ratio Gear Set

1.58 Ratio - Join the Powerglide Revolution

Control You Can Count On – Even at Extreme Horsepower

The Sonnax 1.58 delivers tunable control for Powerglides right at the start, when traction can make or break a race. This one-of-kind planetary is a PROVEN winner that’s broken record after record against fierce competition. Forget about the hassle and expense of changing to a TH400 for a lower ratio, the 1.58 in an efficient, lightweight Powerglide delivers the very best in performance and durability.

  • Push the limits while going faster than ever
  • Unrivaled quality & durability
  • Fully assembled & easy to install
  • Compatible with the Sonnax big shaft system

Use the Choose Your Build table to select the right assembly.

Watch one racer’s world record-breaking runs with the 1.58 on YouTube

Sonnax high performance products meet the toughest challenges faced by hard-working, daily-use drivetrains as well as racing units going all-out on the street or track.

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