• Premature wear & bushing failure
  • Inadequate lubrication


Lack of lubrication or too much load for the bearing area.


This one-piece, standard size rear case bushing installation system can replace a worn-out bushing and save expensive cases.

4R100, E4OD

Rear Case Bushing
Part No. 36008D

Fits '95-later units. Late-style with 3 grooves to front, 1 groove to back.

Package Quantity: 4

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The OE rear case bushings in the Ford E4OD and 4R100 transmissions tend to wear out prematurely. Bushing failure may be due to lack of lubrication, excessive journal clearance, or too much load for a given bearing area. Replace the two OE bushings with Sonnax rear case bushing 36008B or 36008D using the Sonnax installation tool T36008A to draw the replacement bushing into place. Both one-piece replacement bushings are an improvement over the OE two-bushing design because of their increased bearing surface area and superior lubrication characteristics.

  • 4R100, E4OD Rear Case Bushing 36008D