• Damaged valve body casting
  • Low line pressure
  • Delayed Drive
  • Delayed Reverse


Valve and/or bore wear due to linkage side loads and/or extended service life.


Ream the bore oversize and install oversized manual valve.


Oversized Manual Valve
Part No. 36940-11

Fits all 5R110W units. It replaces OE valves with OR without holes in long spool.

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The OE manual valve in Ford 5R110W units is prone to anodization flaking and degradation resulting in premature wear of the valve and loss of hydraulic control. Sonnax oversized manual valve 36940-11 outperforms the OE valve.

  • Salvages valuable valve bodies
  • Restores OE manual valve function
  • Sonnax hard-coat anodized aluminum valve maintains tight bore/valve clearances after thermal expansion
  • Simple reaming process keeps work in-shop
  • 5R110W Oversized Manual Valve 36940-11
  • 5R110W Oversized Manual Valve 36940-11

You need this if...

A visual inspection indicates wear at the low/reverse clutch circuits (the land between the two most outboard circuits), or wear at the line pressure/direct clutch circuits (the land between the two most inboard circuits). Obvious wear of the valve spools at the locations discussed above indicates wear in the bore.