• Delayed Drive
  • Delayed Reverse
  • Low line pressure


Flaking/damaged anodized surface.


Recover hydraulic control with Sonnax drop-in manual valve.


Manual Valve
Part No. 36940-22

Fits all 5R110W units. Replaces OE valves with or without holes in long spool.

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The OE manual valve in Ford 5R110W units is prone to anodization flaking and degradation resulting in premature wear of the valve and loss of hydraulic control. Sonnax offers a slightly oversized direct replacement manual valve 36940-22 that outperforms the OE valve. This drop-in Zip Valve installs quickly and easily, no reaming or special tools required.

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  • 5R110W Manual Valve 36940-22
  • 5R110W Manual Valve 36940-22

You need this if...

Visually inspect low/reverse clutch circuits (land between two most outboard circuits) and line pressure/direct clutch circuits (land between two most inboard circuits), as wear is common. In these cases, Sonnax [36940-11] should be installed instead.