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  • Low line pressure
  • Intermittent line pressure
  • Code 1811
  • Code P0741, P0742
  • Shudder condition
  • Slipping gears


A worn torque signal valve/bore and/or a sticking torque signal valve.


The Sonnax valve and tool allow you to salvage the valve body by oversizing the bore and restoring proper hydraulic clearances.


Oversized Torque Signal Valve
Part No. 84754-44

Fits '97-later units.

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P1811 code or a slip/shudder condition can indicate a pressure control problem in the 4T65-E. A worn or sticking torque signal regulator valve and bore reduces or prevents line rise, resulting in long soft shifts and slippage. Recondition the bore and installing Sonnax oversized torque signal valve 84754-44 restores proper hydraulic clearances and function of the torque signal oil circuit.

  • Salvages valve bodies with worn torque signal bore and/or sticking valve
  • Corrects P1811 code, slip/shudder condition and intermittent no/poor line rise

To eliminate codes 1811 and 741and TCC-related issues, be sure to also inspect the actuator feed limit valve, boost valve assembly, TCC regulated apply valve and TCC apply valve. The PCM must be reset/relearned after any valve body repairs. Aftermarket scanner relearn procedure or battery disconnect for 12 hours may not restore drivability and line pressure control. Performing a dealer reflash or a web reflash is frequently the only method to properly restore control.

Sonnax valve body layouts provide a detailed overview of individual units making it quick and easy to determine what’s available for the specific valve body you’re working on. See all Sonnax valve body layouts.

GM 4T65-E Valve Body Layout

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March 21, 2013

GM 4T65-E Vacuum Test Guide

Topics: Vacuum Test Guides Vacuum Testing Transmission GM 4T65-E Transmission

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  • 84754 44 combo
  • 84754 44

You need this if...

Vacuum testing at the port(s) indicated fails to hold the recommended minimum in-Hg, or if wear is visually detected.

  • 84754 44 in test