• Overheated converter fluid
  • Poor converter & cooler oil flow
  • TCC codes
  • TCC apply & release concerns


Excess wear in TC check valve bore allows critical pressure loss and/or valve hang-up.


Recover hydraulic control and renew TCC operation by installing Sonnax drop-in TC check valve kit.

Honda, Acura 5-Speed

TC Check Valve Kit
Part No. 98892-10K

See application chart below for fitment details.

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An overheated converter, TCC codes, and/or poor cooler flow are common problems in Honda vehicles equipped with five-speed automatic transmissions. These conditions can be caused by a worn or sticking TC check valve.

The TC check valve ensures converter pressure does not become excessive during TCC apply, release, or partial apply. Repeated stroking of the valve can create casting wear areas over time. Depending upon the specific Honda application, this valve can stroke in one casting or multiple castings that are stacked together. The valve can stick on the ledges of these wear areas or at the edges of the stacked castings.

If the TC check valve sticks in the open position, converter pressure will be reduced. If stuck in the closed position, excess converter pressure can result. Depending upon the wear in the casting bore, the valve may leak, reducing converter pressure or may be prevented from stroking when necessary to reduce excess converter pressure.

Replacing the OE TC check valve with Sonnax TC check valve kit 98892-10K restores correct torque converter pressure and prevents valve hang-up.

  • Sleeve eliminates ledges that cause valve hang-up
  • Sleeve manufactured from highly wear-resistant aluminum
  • Salvages OE valve bodies machined with an edge remaining at the relief ports
  • Drop-in Zip Valve™ parts install quickly and easily
Honda 5-Speed 98892-10K Application Chart
Make Model
Trans Code.
From To
Acura MDX 2003 2004 MDKA
Acura MDX 2005 2006 BDKA
Acura MDX 2007 2011 BYFA
Acura RDX 2007 2011 BWEA
Acura RL 2005 2011 MJBA
Acura TL Type S 2007 2008 BDHA
Acura TL Type S 2009 2011 BK3A
Acura TL Type S 2009 2011 BK4A
Acura TSX 2010 2011 MM2A
Honda Accord 2008 2011 B97A
Honda Accord 2010 2010 P79A
Honda Accord Hybrid 2005 2007 MURA
Honda Crosstour 2010 2011 BBSA
Honda Crosstour 2010 2011 BBTA
Honda Odyssey 2007 2011 B36A
Honda Odyssey 2007 2011 P36A
Honda Pilot 2003 2007 BVLA
Honda Pilot 2003 2007 PVLA
Honda Pilot 2003 2007 PVGA
Honda Pilot 2006 2007 BVGA
Honda Pilot 2008 2008 P34A
Honda Pilot 2008 2008 P35A
Honda Pilot 2009 2011 PN3A
Honda Pilot 2009 2011 PN4A
Honda Ridgeline 2006 2008 BJFA
Honda Ridgeline 2006 2008 MJFA
Honda Ridgeline 2009 2011 PSFA
Saturn Vue 2004 2007 MDPA
Saturn Vue 2004 2007 MDRA

In addition to the application chart, the OE spring must match one of the following specifications:

Match 1 of these OE Spring Specs
Wire Dia. Outer Dia. Free Length Total Coils
.043" .339" 1.35" 12.1
043" .339" 1.38" 14.6
.043" .332" 1.38" 14.5
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This kit fits several Honda 5-speed models. However, model to model, the appearance of valve bodies and the location of the TC check valve bore may vary. The P36A 0711 Odyssey model is illustrated here. See Honda 98892-10K application chart above for a detailed guide.

  • Sleeve
  • Spacer
  • Spring
  • Valve

Sonnax valve body layouts provide a detailed overview of individual units making it quick and easy to determine what’s available for the specific valve body you’re working on. See all Sonnax valve body layouts.

Honda/Acura 4-Speed, 3-Shaft & 5-Speed Valve Body Layout

Honda/Acura 4-Speed, 3-Shaft & 5-Speed Valve Body Layout
  • Honda, Acura 5-Speed TC Check Valve Kit 98892-10K
  • Honda, Acura 5-Speed TC Check Valve Kit 98892-10K