August 05, 2015

Easy Repairs for Overheating Honda/Acura Converters

You can prevent costly comebacks this summer by helping transmission rebuilders correct valve body problems that cause a variety of torque converter complaints.

When summer temperatures rise, overheating converters are a real danger in Honda/Acura vehicles equipped with four or five-speed transmissions. The root cause isn't a problem with the converter though, it's a worn or stuck TC check valve. A malfunctioning valve reduces working pressure in the torque converter and leads to excess heat buildup and TCC troubles. In some cases, the TC check valve bore can be so heavily worn that it requires an O-ring seal for effective repair.

To correct converter pressure and reduce the risk of overheating, recommend to transmission shops that they install O-ringed TC check valve kit 98892-29K or 98892-32K (shown below).

Honda/Acura 5-Speed & 4-Speed, 3-Shaft Honda/Acura 5-Speed

O-Ringed TC Check Valve Kit: 98892-32K
O-Ringed TC Check Valve Kit: 98892-32K

These parts do not require any reaming or special tools to install, making this an easy, highly effective repair that keeps at-risk vehicles on the road through the worst of the summer heat.

Note: These kits fit several Honda models, however the appearance of valve bodies and the location of the TC check valve bore may vary from model to model. Refer to the application charts on the part pages to verify fit.

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