High Clutch Steel
Part No. S019715HK-150

For use only with Sonnax 24-lug clutch drums

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Sonnax high clutch steel S019715HK-150 is a severe-duty upgrade for use with Sonnax 24-lug clutch drums in GM Powerglide racing applications. These Kolene® steels have 24 external teeth, double the normal amount. With twice the number of teeth engaged, wear will be reduced dramatically. Combining anti-drag tabs and turbulator holes significantly reduces the heat generated when the clutch freewheels.

  • Turbulator holes reduce parasitic drag
  • Anti-drag tabs create the maximum clearance between the friction and steel when the clutch is disengaged
  • Material: Kolene®
  • Tooth Count: 24
  • Thickness: 0.060"
  • Powerglide High Clutch Steel S019715HK-150