10-Clutch Drum with Bearing
Part No. 28756-08

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Sonnax 10-clutch drum with bearing 28756-08 is optimized for Powerglide performance applications. Using the patented Sonnax 10-clutch drum system, the drum and piston accept 10 frictions and 10 steels, increasing lockup surface to allow significantly more torque than modified OE drums.

The drum is machined to accept a thrust bearing and can be used without any modification to the pump assembly.

  • Drum holds 10 .060" frictions and 10 .060" thick steels
  • Excess material removed from high-strength, cast steel drum to reduce rotating mass
  • Accepts 24- or 12-tooth steels
  • Thrust bearing used between pump and drum
  • Use with Sonnax clutch piston 28765-05 and a 10-clutch hub with lightening holes 28304-01 or without 28304-02.

The drum features a piston bore that is .060" deeper for greater piston travel than was available from Sonnax 10-clutch drum 28755-08 (discontinued).

  • 10-Clutch Drum
  • Thrust Bearing
  • Shim Wide

  • Powerglide 10-Clutch Drum with Bearing 28756-08