High Clutch Hub Shim
Part No. 28304-30

Package Quantity: 3

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This set of Sonnax high clutch hub shims 28304-30 allows endplay of the high clutch hub to be reduced and controlled in GM Powerglide units. Limiting hub endplay is beneficial when optimizing the high clutch pack stackup.

The Sonnax shim fits between the small wear plate and drum to lift the hub out of the drum. This reduces end play between the hub and sun gear flange and also maximizes clutch tooth engagement with the hub splines, preventing the rear clutch friction disc from dropping off the clutch hub.

The shim also can be used when a clutch drum has been resurfaced at the small wear plate contact area. The package includes three .032" thick shims that can be combined for additional stack height.

  • When running a friction on a flange plate, shims help properly position the clutch hub
  • Allows hub endplay adjustment with a mix of various high clutch components
  • Material: Steel
  • Thickness: 0.032"
  • Inner Dia.: 1.884"
  • Outer Dia.: 2.200"
  • Powerglide High Clutch Hub Shim 28304-30