• B Clutch burned
  • Bushing wear
  • Bushing failure
  • Ratio codes


OE bushing material composition allows premature wear.


Install improved Sonnax sun gear shaft bushings to restore critical clearances and resist untimely wear.


Use of an arbor press is required for correct installation. Do not use a hydraulic press or a bushing driver/hammer combination to install, as doing so will distort the bushing and cause fitment issues.

ZF6HP26, ZF6HP28

Sun Gear Shaft Bushing
Part No. 95030-06

Fits units with .952" (24.17mm) dia. shaft journals only.

Package Quantity: 6

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The OE sun gear shaft bushings located at front and rear of the sun gear shaft in ZF6HP26 and ZF6HP28 units have a tendency to wear out prematurely due to sub-optimal material composition. This wear can lead to bushing failure, pressure control codes, and burnt B-clutches. Sonnax sun gear shaft bushing 95030-06 features superior wear characteristics, eliminating premature deterioration for worry-free operation.

  • Bushing Style: Precision
  • Material: Steel-backed alloy
  • Housing Bore: 1.063"
  • Width: 0.393"
  • Shaft Dia.: 0.952"
  • ZF6HP26, ZF6HP28 Sun Gear Shaft Bushing 95030-06
  • ZF6HP26, ZF6HP28 Sun Gear Shaft Bushing 95030-06