• Bushing wear
  • Bushing failure
  • B Clutch burned
  • Direct clutch burned
  • Ratio codes


OE bushing material composition allows premature wear.


Install improved material Sonnax "B"/Direct clutch bushings to restore critical clearances and resist untimely wear.


Use of an arbor press is required for correct installation. Do not use a hydraulic press or a bushing driver/hammer combination to install, as doing so will distort the bushing and cause fitment issues.

6R80 (2009–2014), ZF6HP26, ZF6HP28

"B"/Direct Clutch Bushing
Part No. 95030-07

Fits units with 1.337" (33.97mm) dia. shaft journals only.

Package Quantity: 6

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ZF6HP26 and ZF6HP28 "B" clutch and Ford 6R80 direct clutch OE bushings have a tendency to wear out prematurely due to sub-optimal material composition. This wear can lead to bushing failure, ratio codes, and loss of correct pressure to the "B"/Direct clutch pack, resulting in burned clutches. Sonnax offers improved "B"/Direct clutch bushing 95030-07 with superior wear characteristics, eliminating premature deterioration for worry-free operation.

  • Bushing Style: Precision
  • Material: Steel-backed alloy
  • Housing Bore: 1.457"
  • Shaft Dia.: 1.337"
  • Width: 0.465"
  • 6R80 (2009–2014), ZF6HP26, ZF6HP28 "B"/Direct Clutch Bushing 95030-07
  • 6R80 (2009–2014), ZF6HP26, ZF6HP28 "B"/Direct Clutch Bushing 95030-07