Remanufactured Valve Body
Part No. F025

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Sonnax remanufactured valve body F025 has been designed to address common issues, such as: harsh/forced 4-3 downshifts; delayed forward; harsh 1-2 shift; wrong gear starts; intermittent neutral during Drive; line pressure instability; no 4th Gear; 3rd Gear slips; TCC apply and release concerns; and solenoid performance and/or TCC codes.

A new OE EPC solenoid is put on every valve body to help ensure line pressure stability. The remanufactured valve body is tested on state-of-the are equipment, with special attention paid to the pressure regulator valve to ensure smooth and proper action that will provide appropriate line pressure curves during the various shift events. The simulated drive test also ensures that all clutch pressures, torque converter pressure and shift timing match OE performance. A remanufactured and fully hydraulically and electrically tested secondary valve body is also included.

Includes secondary valve body. Save your existing manual valve for reuse with our remanufactured valve body.

Ford provides a torque sequence for the valve body-to-case bolts. It has been our experience that valves can stick in this valve body if the torque sequence is not adhered to!

Main Valve Body to Case Bolts Torque Specs: 80 in-lb

Secondary Valve Body to Case Bolts Torque Specs: 80 in-lb

FNR5, FS5A-EL  Torque Specs
  • FNR5, FS5A-EL Remanufactured Valve Body F025
  • FNR5, FS5A-EL Remanufactured Valve Body F025 details

4F27E/FN4A-EL/FNR5/FS5A-EL Valve Body Identification

Part Number Chart

Part NumberDescription
F020Ford 4F27E
F021Mazda FN4A-EL

Ford vs Mazda Identification

The main casting for the 4F27E, FN4A-EL, and Ford/Mazda FNR5 are very similar. Pay close attention to the noted casting identification marks and bolt holes to determine application.