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Remanufactured Valve Body
Part No. FM067

F7 Casting, without Solenoid Pack

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CD4E valve bodies are notorious for excessively worn valve bores. A worn CD4E valve body that cannot command proper line rise and TCC apply is a comeback waiting to happen if bore wear is not properly addressed. All CD4E remanufactured valve bodies from Sonnax are entirely rebuilt, starting with an oversized pressure regulator valve and oversized bypass clutch control valve kit. All reaming procedures are performed with precision Sonnax tooling to assure a perfect repair every time. Bores are polished, springs and valves are replaced when necessary and new gaskets are installed to complete the process. Keep your customers happy and reduce comebacks with remanufactured valve bodies from Sonnax.


Extensive testing at our facility has concluded that over 90% of solenoid packs from vehicles with 60,000 or more miles do not operate to their full capacity. This can cause a rebuilt transmission to prematurely fail, and may damage your freshly-remanufactured valve body. A failing solenoid pack can also produce multiple fault codes; therefore, we STRONGLY RECOMMEND that any solenoid pack with over 60,000 miles be replaced with an OE solenoid pack. Sonnax CD4E remanufactured valve body FM068 is equipped with a new OE solenoid pack. Sonnax CD4E remanufactured valve body FM067 is available without solenoid pack.

Valve body to case Torque Specs: 84 in-lbs

Solenoid pack to case Torque Specs: 84 in-lbs

January 01, 2013

CD4E Valve Body Identification

Valve Body Xpress

Topics: Identification Guides Remanufactured Valve Bodies Transmission Ford CD4E Transmission

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  • Fm067

CD4E Valve Body Identification

Part Number Chart

Part Number
CD4E, Rough Forging Number F3, with Solenoid Pack
FM065 CD4E, Rough Forging Number F3, without Solenoid Pack
FM068 CD4E, Rough Forging Number F7, with Solenoid Pack
FM067 CD4E, Rough Forging Number F7, without Solenoid Pack

Please look at the first 4 digits of the rough forging number on the accumulator body. These numbers are also referred to as "RF" or casting code. A rough forging number always starts out RF- and it is the 3rd & 4th digits that give us the year. F3 = 1993 and F7 = 1997. The RF number only changes when the casting is changed.