LCT 1000 (Captive Clutch), LCT 1000 (Captive Clutch) Multi-Plate Performance Converter

Performance Converter Kit
Part No. AL-RK-4

Fits '16-earlier.

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When full-size GM diesel trucks are modified for either racing or street use, OE clutch plates slip and just do not hold. Limited damper capacity further cripples performance. Upgrading to an aftermarket multi-plate converter is the only solution.

Sonnax multi-plate performance converter kit AL-RK-4 improves holding capacity in Allison LCT 1000 (captive clutch) '16-earlier converters without sacrificing stock shift action. Clear instructions, minimal setup and easy assembly make these fool proof upgrades. All-new kit components eliminate the rework and limitations associated with salvaged parts.

The unique design delivers the same torque as a damperless multi-plate, and a patented piston/damper assembly controls the extra power for balanced performance.

Enhanced design features include:

  • Fully-machined, forged piston and custom damper rivets won’t bend under extreme lockup pressure
  • Piston is tested and proven to withstand bending up to 400 psi
  • Increased oil flow improves cooling and lubrication of clutch plates
  • Patented piston/damper assembly absorbs up to 1,250 ft-lbs. of torque
  • Three non-segmented, high-thermal, high-torque capacity friction elements
  • Front Cover
  • Thrust Washer
  • Clutch Plate with Internal Splines
  • Clutch Plate with External Splines
  • Damper Assembly
  • Seal PTFE
  • Energizer Ring
  • Turbine Hub Rivets (12)
  • Turbine Hub
  • Stator Cap
  • Bearing Turbine-side
  • Core: Allison LCT 1000 (Captive Clutch)
  • Dampered: Yes
  • Lockup: Multi-Plate Lockup
  • Transmission Unit: LCT 1000 (Captive Clutch)
  • Clutch Material: HTE
  • Turbine Hub Input Spline Count: 25

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  • LCT 1000 (Captive Clutch), LCT 1000 (Captive Clutch) Multi-Plate Performance Converter Performance Converter Kit AL-RK-4

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