Sonnax multi plate performance converter kit

Performance Converter Kits

Engineered to Deliver Builds that Last

A performance torque converter is highly specialized based on the performance characteristics of the specific vehicle. From a gearhead’s hot rod to a workhorse diesel truck, Sonnax performance converter kits improve acceleration and durability for long-lasting, trouble-free builds.

  • Widest variety of kits available
  • Designed for ease of assembly
  • Improve acceleration and durability with confidence

6L80, 6L90 (300mm) Multi-Plate Kits

Choose from a Full Range of Upgrades for Stock-Size Units

  • Three OE woven carbon friction elements significantly improve torque capacity
  • Heavy-duty forged steel piston & cover prevent clutch failure
  • Builders reuse OE damper for lower cost & excellent drivability
  • Easily upgrade 6L90 captive clutch units with a JMDZ or JMDY clutch conversion kit
6l80 258mm 300mm converter front cover

Know Your Build: Performance vs. Heavy-Duty

Performance: A 6L80/90 “performance” build typically means changing to a smaller diameter converter for a higher stall speed (ex. dropping from a stock-size 300mm to 265 or 258mm).

Heavy Duty: An upgraded 6L80/90 300mm converter is better described as a “heavy-duty” build because there’s no change in size for a higher stall speed. You’re just swapping key OE components for much stronger, more durable parts.

Sonnax offers top-quality converter upgrades for both performance and heavy-duty 6L80, 6L90 applications. Search this chart for the converter kit that fits your needs.

Learn More About HD Builds

Sonnax high performance products meet the toughest challenges faced by hard-working, daily-use drivetrains as well as racing units going all-out on the street or track.