Machining of the stator pocket of pump cover is necessary; Sonnax stator shaft must be used in conjunction with OE input shaft 68284099AA (not included). See instructions for details.


Heavy Duty Stator Shaft Kit
Part No. 99520-05K

Fits Dodge units only.

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A common failure point in Dodge trucks with AS68RC transmissions is a stator shaft that has spun in the pump cover. This can be due to over-torque, but it happens more frequently when the input shaft breaks and destroys the stator shaft. Resulting symptoms are overheat, converter issues, slipping or no movement.

There is no replacement stator shaft available from the OEM; when this problem happens, the only choice traditionally was to buy a new pump and matched valve body, a very expensive proposition. Sonnax stator shaft kit 99520-05K allows you to save the pump and complete repairs for a fraction of the cost of a new pump.

  • 15% More torque capacity than OE shaft
  • Longer & deeper serrations at the press-fit area plus Sonnax roll pins improve holding power
  • High-quality bearings pre-installed in both ends of shaft
  • Stator Shaft Assembly Bearings Installed
  • Coiled Spring Pins (2)
  • AS68RC Heavy Duty Stator Shaft Kit 99520-05K