• Broken Manual shaft


OE manual shaft prone to breaking at threaded end due to corrosion.


Restore normal operation by installing upgraded Sonnax manual shaft.


Manual Shaft Kit
Part No. 99740-07K

Fits Dodge units only.

OE Part No. 68020031AA

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The manual shaft in Dodge AS68RC units commonly breaks off at the threaded section during removal of the jam nuts, which secure the manual lever to the shaft. This is caused by corrosion, and the relatively weak steel of the OE design exacerbates the problem. Sonnax manual shaft kit 99740-07K is a direct replacement for broken shafts in Dodge AS68RC units. The Sonnax shaft features superior-strength steel and has a rust-preventative coating applied to minimize future corrosion.

For AS68RC Mitsubishi/Isuzu manual shaft, use 99740-08K.

  • Manual Shaft
  • Jam Nuts (2)
  • Length: 12.780"
  • AS68RC Manual Shaft Kit 99740-07K