10", 41TE & 42LE, 62TE

Piston Plate
Part No. CH-DA-6P

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Sonnax offers forged steel converter piston plate CH-DA-6P for Chrysler 10" lockup converters. Machining the plate from a steel forging allows the wall thickness to be increased in critical areas, making for a less flexible and more durable piston.

This piston is designed with the same smooth reaction surface as OE. If you prefer a piston with a proper bonding surface, see Sonnax piston CH-DA-7PB. CH-DA-6P is also designed for a .045” thick friction ring, not the factory .070” rings. See instructions for easy assembly.

  • Increased wall thickness for greater stiffness
  • Clutch reaction surface designed like the OE
  • Requires salvage and use of the OE spring retainer damper
  • Material: Steel
  • Machining Process: Fully Machined Forging
  • Surface Finish: Reaction

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  • 10", 41TE & 42LE, 62TE Piston Plate CH-DA-6P
  • 10", 41TE & 42LE, 62TE Piston Plate CH-DA-6P details