• Code P0776
  • Flare shifts
  • Harsh Reverse
  • No Reverse
  • 2-3 Harsh
  • No 3rd
  • 4-5 Harsh
  • No 5th


When the OE 3-5-R wave plate breaks, broken pieces damage 3-5-R clutch housing splines.


Prevent waved plate breakage OR save a housing that has already been damaged by installing a Sonnax 3-5-R drum saver kit.

6T70 (Gen. 1), 6T70 (Gen. 2), 6T75 (Gen. 1), 6T75 (Gen. 2)

3-5-R Drum Saver Kit
Part No. 124555K

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The 3-5-R waved plate in GM Gen. 1 and 2 6T70, 6T75 units commonly fails and breaks into pieces, resulting in code P0776, harsh and flare shifts or complete loss of 3-5-R. While the OEM attempted to prevent this problem by issuing an updated (shot-peened) plate, it continues to fail in some units, damaging the drum housing splines. The teeth on the OE plate are high-stress points that cannot stand up to long-term fatigue. Even plates that haven’t broken can have micro-fractures at the tooth corners and be on the verge of failure.

Sonnax 3-5-R drum saver kit 124555K is an effective and affordable way to guard against failures and costly comebacks. The improved Sonnax waved plate is shot-peened like the updated OE plate, but is designed with no teeth to eliminate virtually all stress points. When positioned on the drum with the custom, cupped steel plate, this guarantees the best protection against plate and drum failure.

The drum saver kit also can be used to salvage a damaged drum — saving you the hassle and expense of assembling a new one. With no teeth to hang up on damaged drum splines, the Sonnax waved plate can ride in this area without hanging up or interfering with proper clutch pack travel.

  • Shot-peened, toothless waved plate is stronger and more durable than any other OE or aftermarket plate
  • Custom, billet cupped steel plate aligns waved plate on drum and sets correct clutch clearance
  • Quickly and easily restores normal 3-5-R operation to damaged drums
  • 6T70 (Gen. 1), 6T70 (Gen. 2), 6T75 (Gen. 1), 6T75 (Gen. 2) 3-5-R Drum Saver Kit 124555K
  • 6T70 (Gen. 1), 6T70 (Gen. 2), 6T75 (Gen. 1), 6T75 (Gen. 2) 3-5-R Drum Saver Kit 124555K details


Protect Against 6T40 & 6T70 3-5-R Failures & Salvage Damaged Drums with Sonnax Drum Saver Kits
Остановка отказа GM 6T40 и 6T70 3-5-R с помощью комплектов Sonnax Drum Saver