• Delayed Reverse
  • Code 24, 60
  • High L/R clutch volume index (CVI over 100)


Gasket distortion causes leakage at the Low/Reverse oil feed.


Steel shim prevents distortion and leakage at the feed port caused by mounting bolt pressure. The lipped grommet also provides a positive seal only where needed.


Low/Reverse Piston Retainer Oil Feed Seal Kit
Part No. 92106-03K

Replaces universal/late-style gaskets with large hole. Only for use with late-style, large feed hole Chrysler Low/Reverse retainer part number 04800255AB.

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In Chrysler 62TE units, the root cause of Low/Reverse oil feed leakage is piston retainer distortion and gasket material relaxing around the clutch feed hole. This prevents a positive seal around the oil feed hole on the piston retainer. The Sonnax steel shim will not distort. The rubber grommet provides positive sealing at the passage. Sonnax Low/Reverse piston retainer oil feed seal kit 92106-03K can be used to replace late-style gaskets with a large feed hole. For four-speed applications with early-style gaskets, use 92106-01K.

  • Easy to install, lipped grommet stays securely in place during assembly
  • Steel shim will not compress
  • Rubber grommet located in and around the feed hole forms a positive seal only where needed
  • Compressible material behind the retainer is eliminated
  • Steel Shim (5) Slotted
  • Rubber Grommet (5)

  • 62TE Low/Reverse Piston Retainer Oil Feed Seal Kit 92106-03K
  • 62TE Low/Reverse Piston Retainer Oil Feed Seal Kit 92106-03K