• Spun-out bushings
  • TCC slip
  • Code P0741
  • Code P1744
  • Premature wear & bushing failure


OE bushing material composition allows premature wear; aftermarket bushings spin in bore due to bore taper.


Install improved Sonnax stator support bushing to avoid spinning, restore critical clearances and resist untimely wear.

6F35 (Gen. 1), 6F35 (Gen. 2), 6F35 (Gen. 3), 6T40 (Gen. 1), 6T40 (Gen. 2)

Stator Support Bushing
Part No. 144036B

Package Quantity: 5

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Stator bushings in Ford 6F35 (Gen. 1, Gen. 2 and Gen. 3) and GM 6T40 (Gen. 1 and Gen. 2) transmissions have a tendency to wear out prematurely due to sub-optimal material composition of the OE bushing. Because the stator bore is tapered, it is common for replacement bushings to have retention problems. Complicating this further, some aftermarket replacement bushings are made from bronze without steel backing. The result is that aftermarket bushings routinely spin in the bore, very often on the test drive after replacement. This failure results in TCC slip, no TCC and codes P0741 and P1744. Machining the bore and installing Sonnax stator support bushing 144036B eliminates spinning and premature deterioration for worry-free operation.

Machining required for 6F35 units only.

  • Bushing Style: Precision
  • Material: Steel-Backed Alloy
  • Housing Bore: 0.919"
  • Shaft Dia.: 0.791"
  • Width: 0.845"
  • 6F35 (Gen. 1), 6F35 (Gen. 2), 6F35 (Gen. 3), 6T40 (Gen. 1), 6T40 (Gen. 2) Stator Support Bushing 144036B