• Excess heat


In early-design ('11-'16) valve bodies, the thermal element can often become stuck in the bypass position, resulting in an overheated transmission.


Replace the thermal element lineup with this bypass plug and clip to eliminate hang-up issues.


Bypass Blocker Valve Kit
Part No. 126740-26K

Fits '11–'16 units only. Eliminates the need for the OE thermal element and can be used with or without Sonnax converter limit valve kit 126740-25K.

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Sonnax bypass blocker valve kit 126740-26K for Ford 6R140 transmissions eliminates the faulty OE thermal element that often sticks and causes overheat issues. The drop-in Zip Valve™ installs quickly and easily.

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  • 6R140 Bypass Blocker Valve Kit 126740-26K
  • 6R140 Bypass Blocker Valve Kit 126740-26K