C4, 11" Performance Converter, C4, C6, FMX 12", C4 11-1/4"

11" Performance Converter Kit
Part No. FD-RK-9

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Sonnax 11" performance converter kit FD-RK-9 allows builders to assemble a high performance converter with minimal effort. With the readily available GM 245mm converter cores, a variety of stall speeds can be built using different stator and impeller combinations.

  • This performance converter kit works well for converting Ford AOD converters to C4
  • Fully machined cover with bushing installed
  • Unit-specific design for hassle-free installation
  • Oil flow grooves and holes increase fluid flow to keep converters running cooler
  • Turbine hub features a larger flanged diameter to increase the strength rigidity of the turbine
  • Clear, detailed instructions
  • Flanged Impeller Hub
  • Inner Stator Race
  • 26-Tooth Turbine Hub
  • Thrust Washer
  • Front Cover, Small Bolt Pattern
  • Front Cover Bushing (Installed)
  • Set Screws (4)
  • Stud Covers (4)
  • Unit Size: 10"
  • Core: GM 245mm
  • Dampered: No
  • Lockup: No
  • Transmission Unit: C4
  • Stack Height: 5.625"
  • Turbine Hub Input Spline Count: 26

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  • C4, 11" Performance Converter, C4, C6, FMX 12", C4 11-1/4" 11" Performance Converter Kit FD-RK-9

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