C6 Performance Converter, HP Miscellaneous

Mechanical Diode®
Part No. GMFD-MD-10SB

Fits stators with 3.25" bores and Ford FMX 29-tooth stator tube splines.

The Sonnax two-strut engagement, 10-strut design mechanical diode GMFD-MD-10SB for Ford FMX 29-tooth stator tube splines offers much greater strength than existing roller clutches and “dog bone” style sprags. This design offers greatly increased reliability, especially where high torque, vibration or high overrunning speeds decrease the effectiveness of wedging-type one-way clutches.

Positive engagement is achieved when the angled struts are automatically forced into a fully engaged position, eliminating torsional windup, minimizing engagement impact and prolonging component life. The design transfers force in a more direct fashion through planar strut arrangement and a shallow engagement angle, resulting in relatively small radial forces when compared to friction actuated one-way clutches.

  • GM to Ford applications
  • Two-strut engagement, 10-strut design
  • Greater strength with weight and size reduction over friction-actuated one-way clutches
  • Dramatic reduction in radial stress over friction-actuated one-way clutches
  • No torsional windup
  • Long overrun life
  • Internal Spline Tooth Count: 29
  • Design Strut Count: 10
  • Engagement Strut Count: 2

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  • C6 Performance Converter, HP Miscellaneous Mechanical Diode® GMFD-MD-10SB

Mechanical Diodes®

This unique design for a one-way clutch assembly known as the "Mechanical Diode®" (MD) was developed by Epilogics, Inc. in 1991 and was first introduced to torque converter rebuilders by Sonnax in 1997. The MD overrunning clutch, or freewheel, offers much greater strength than existing roller-ramps and sprags.