March 15, 2022

6L80 Series Pump Drilling Tips: How to Make Your Own Small Drill Bit Vise

Presented by Jim Mobley

Custom Small Drill Bit Vice for Drilling 6L80 Transmission PumpE​​​​​​​ver had the small drill bit break and cause havoc while installing the Sonnax GM 6L45, 6L50, 6L80, 6L90 pressure regulator valve kits? Here is how to fix that issue and most others when using small drill bits in your portable drill motor with standard-size Jacob chuck. There is a simple, quick and readily available solution to this problem included with garage-level aerosol cans. These cans have red tubes taped to the sides for concentrated spraying of the contents. The plastic tubes make a perfect small drill bit vise and will allow insertion of drill bit directly into a portable drill motor standard size Jacob chuck. This makes drilling the .039" balance hole for Sonnax PR valve installation a breeze.

The inner hole size in these tubes vary from .035" to .045". Instructions are very simple:
1. Insert tube into drill chuck and leave 3/8" extended by clipping tube. 
2. Insert small drill bit and securely tighten Jacob’s chuck.

For larger bits, put drill bit in bench vise and tube in drill motor chuck and slightly drill hole in tube by running drill chuck onto bit until tube fits bit. Tubes come in many different sizes such as coffee stirrers, so it’s possible there may be an exact fit for some medium size or larger bits. What is great about this procedure is the ease with which you can now drill small holes for many other Sonnax products, including pressure regulators, clutch regulator and solenoid pressure regulator valves without the irritation of broken drill bits.

Watch the video to see how easy it is to make a small drill vise and then install a Sonnax PR valve.

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