July 27, 2016

Sonnax Driveline Performance Build Examples

Sonnax Driveline Build

Sonnax offers a range of top-quality components for assembling a one-piece, aluminum driveshaft. The following are examples of how some popular performance builds come together.

Popular Street Rod/Hot Rod

Slip YokeWeld YokeTubingWeld YokeDiff. Flange Yoke
3" Driveshaft Powerglide
T2-3-6081HP T31-28-3012 TK300-125-54 T31-28-3012 -
3.5" Driveshaft 4L60T3-3-4281HP T35-28-3512 TK350-125-54 T35-28-3512 T9-28-1350FD

Popular Muscle Car

Slip YokeWeld YokeTubingWeld YokeDiff. Flange Yoke
'79–'95 MustangT2-3-5981HP T33-28-3512 TK350-125-54 T33-28-3512 T2-2-949A
'10-Later CamaroT35-GMFD-01K T35-28-4012 TK400-125-72 T35-28-4012 T3-2-1859A

Heavy-Duty Diesel Truck

Slip YokeWeld YokeTubingWeld YokeDiff. Flange Yoke
Chevy Duramax-T41-28-5012 TK500-125-80 T41-28-5012 -
Dodge Cummins-T485-28-5012 TK500-125-80 T485-28-5012 -

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