January 01, 2013

5R110W Pressure Switches Notice

Valve Body Xpress

5R110W solenoid body F05R110 is serviced without any pressure switches. Your original solenoid body may have one or five pressure switches depending on model year. The computer on these vehicles was never programmed to monitor the pressure switches and Ford removed them in late 2004. The later solenoid body may have one pressure switch with no wire going to it. In this application it is only used as a plug with the remaining four holes cast over.

Our remanufactured solenoid body is a late design with a plug installed instead of the one pressure switch. It will work perfectly fine in early one or five pressure switch applications. Simply leave the wiring for the pressure switches in position and not connected.

If you prefer to replace the harness both Ford and the aftermarket service the replacement harness without the wiring or connectors for the switches.

See Ford Special Service Message 17614 for more detailed information. See arrows below for locations of pressure switches on a five pressure switch version.

See arrow below for location of the plug in remanufactured valve body F05R110.

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