Remanufactured Valve Body
Sbk f8

Bearing Kit SBK-F8

All bearings fit units '03-later with exception of Forward Carrier/Forward Ring Gear bearing which fits '05-later only.


Low/Reverse Retaining Ring 36885

    Helps cure:
  • Damaged case
  • Retaining ring pops out of groove
  • No Reverse
  • No Manual 1st
  • Reverse slip
36940 06k

Converter Pressure Limit Valve Kit 36940-06K

Fits '05-later units. Replaces OE valves with balance spool diameter of .298" or .312" only; NOT compatible with .402" dia. valves.

    Helps cure:
  • Harsh TCC apply
  • Soft TCC apply
  • TCC codes
  • TCC slip
  • TCC lining failure
  • Erratic TCC apply pressure
  • Excess converter pressure
36940 03k

Oversized Pressure Regulator Valve Kit 36940-03K

    Helps cure:
  • Code 1744, 1783
  • Low line pressure & TCC concerns
36940 01k

TCC Control Plunger Valve Kit 36940-01K

    Helps cure:
  • Overheating
  • Excess TCC slip
  • TCC cycling
  • TCC slip
  • Code 1783
  • Code P0741
Valve Body
36940 22

Manual Valve 36940-22

Fits all 5R110W units. Replaces OE valves with OR without holes in long spool.

    Helps cure:
  • Delayed Drive
  • Delayed Reverse
  • Low line pressure
36940 11

Oversized Manual Valve 36940-11

Fits all 5R110W units. It replaces OE valves with OR without holes in long spool.

    Helps cure:
  • Damaged valve body casting
  • Low line pressure
  • Delayed Drive
  • Delayed Reverse
36940 17k

Pressure Switch O-Ringed End Plug Kit 36940-17K

This kit fits any of five locations.

    Helps cure:
  • Loss of shift solenoid control pressure
  • Shift concerns
F 36940 rm3c

Carbide Reamer F-36940-RM3C

F 36940 tl11

Tool Kit F-36940-TL11

F 36940 tl3c

Tool Kit F-36940-TL3C

Carbide tool kit F-36940-TL3C can be used with all 5R110W pumps regardless of pump generation.

F 36940 tl3

Tool Kit F-36940-TL3

For use with first generation 5R110W pumps