May 22, 2015

Stop 4R70W Forward Drum Failure with a Sonnax Smart-Tech® Drum

Presented by Sonnax

Sonnax Smart-Tech® products are the best of the best for the ULTIMATE in transmission performance. To tackle chronic forward clutch drum breakage in AOD, AODE and 4R70W series units, Sonnax designed the stronger, more durable Smart-Tech forward clutch drum 76654-01K. In this video you’ll learn the root causes of 4R70W drum failure and how the Sonnax drum‘s radical improvements protect transmissions from harm.

For 20% more clutch capacity, no modifications required, Sonnax also offers a high-capacity version of this drum, part number [76655-01k]. Pair with the Sonnax Smart-Tech direct clutch drum and shaft kit 76656-01K for hassle-free rebuilds proven to handle even the most extreme horsepower and torque.


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