March 05, 2018

How to Modify Thrust Bearing CH-N-1 for Use in VW/Audi 096 LU (01M) Converters


As there is no direct replacement available for the OEM thrust bearing in VW096 LU (01M) converters, Sonnax recommends using the CH-N-1 bearing and modifying the OEM stator and stator cap. The CH-N-1 is a thicker, more heavy duty bearing than the OEM bearing. Using it requires turning .035" (0.89mm) off the face of the stator on the impeller side as well as .035" (0.89mm) off the inside face of the stator cap on the turbine side. However, turning material off the stator cap will remove the three oil flow grooves, which are critical for adequate sprag clutch lubrication. Therefore, increase the depth of the existing oil flow grooves by .035" (0.89mm) before machining .035" (0.89mm) from the face.

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