September 21, 2018

Ford 6F50 & 6F55 Identification Guide

Ford 6F50 valve bodies can be misidentified from 6T70 valve bodies. Further, 6F50 early and late units are almost identical in appearance and cannot be interchanged. It is critical when ordering a remanufactured valve body to know which unit is installed.

6F50 vs. 6T70 Series Valve Body Identification

Look for these features to distinguish 6F50/55 units from 6T70 series valve bodies.

6F50 & 6F55 Valve Body Front View
6F50 & 6F55 Valve Body Back View

Early vs. Late 3-5-R Clutch Regulator Valves

Look for these numbers on the side of the valve body to distinguish between early and late valve styles.


BSAA5P Number is for FD6F50L, ’09-Later, 1.83 Ratio 3-5-R Clutch Regulator Valve


BS7T4P Number is for FD6F50E, ’07–’09, 1.35 Ratio 3-5-R Clutch Regulator Valve

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