October 18, 2018

GM Gen. 1 6T70 & 6T75 Identification Guide


GM Gen. 1 6T70 & 6T75 Identification Chart
Model Year3-5-R Clutch Reg. ValveLower Separator PlateUpper Separator PlateExhaust PortControl Valve Channel Plate
2007 & 20081.35 RatioCut OutNo NotchClosedLevel with Valve Body
20091.83 RatioNotchNotchClosedLevel with Valve Body
2010 & 20111.83 RatioCircle HoleNotchOpenLevel with Valve Body
2012 & 20131.83 RatioCircle HoleNotchOpenRaised Notch Above Valve Body
Lower and Upper Separator Plates
Exhaust Ports

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