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245mm LU (3T40, 3L30, 200C, 4T60-E, 4L60 & E:S-10 only), 245mm LU Euro (5L40-E), 258mm LU (4L60-E, 5L40-E), 258mm LU (4T65-E), 265mm LU (4T60-E, 4T80-E), 280mm LU (4L60-E) “VJCX”, 300mm (4L60-E), 4L60-E (298mm) Performance Converter, 4L60-E (300mm) Performance Converter, 4L80-E (Dual Stator), 4L80-E (Early Single Stator), 4L80-E (Late Single Stator), 6L80 (300mm) Performance Converter, CD4E, 9-1/4" (3.0L & 2.3L)

Part No. GM-RV-9

Package Quantity: 100

Early GM 300mm units used both dark and silver rivets. The silver rivets have been known to fail and can now be replaced with Sonnax general purpose rivets GM-RV-9.

  • Rivet Type: Solid
  • Rivet Head: Flat
  • Head Dia.: 0.300"
  • Shank Dia.: 0.198"
  • Length: 0.515"
  • Existing Customers: Contact your sales representative.
  • New Customers: Fill out the form and a sales representative will contact you.
  • Gm rv 9