• Pump gear wear or fracture
  • Scored surface where center gear pump pilot passes through pump body
  • Noise concerns


Excess pump body wear.


Salvage the pump and restore normal operation by installing Sonnax center pump gear bushing.


Pumps with wear or damage to the face of the pump pocket cannot be repaired using these parts. Replace the pump.


Center Pump Gear Bushing
Part No. 72530B-03

Center Pump Gear

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Chrysler 68RFE pump bodies are frequently found to have a scored bearing surface or pump wear and fractures where the center gear drive flange passes through the pump. The Sonnax center pump gear 72530B-02 and/or bushing 72530B-03 salvages pumps with this type of wear. The score damage is machined out of the pump when the center pump gear bore is oversized to accept a precision, steel-backed aluminum bushing.

  • Allows salvage of pump bodies scored at center gear bearing surface
  • Redesigned center gear drive flange reduces turbine hub engagement play and noise
  • The correctly installed steel-backed aluminum alloy precision bushing extends pump life

Pumps with worn center pump gear bores must be machined to 2.172" +/- .0005" prior to bushing installation.

  • Material: Steel backed aluminum
  • Bushing Style: Precision

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