December 29, 2022

Chrysler 68RFE '19-Later Changes & Identification

Jim Dial

In 2019, the 68RFE for 2500-Series Dodge Ram trucks with the 6.7L diesel engine underwent hydraulic control changes that affected the pump, valve body and solenoid pack.

Figure 1 shows an easy ID for the pump, which points to the elimination of the TCC accumulator retainer, spring and piston. The torque converter regulator valve dimensionally changed and received a bore plug and wire retainer (similar to the ZF8 application), which can also be seen in Figure 1. The TCC switch valve received a new spring. The pump plate was changed, and the pump cover dimensionally changed to accommodate the changes in the TCC regulator lineup. The pressure regulator lineup was not changed.

Figure 1 – Pump Identification
Chrysler 68RFE 2019-Later Pump Identification

The valve body (Figure 2) had a lower valve body section added to the channel plate. This houses a new Reverse accumulator assembly, a new TCC control solenoid and separator plate. The upper valve body and separator plate also underwent changes to accommodate the additions in the new lower valve body. The solenoid switch valve remained the same. The manual valve reverted to an earlier design to accommodate the changes to Reverse clutch control.

Figure 2 – Valve Body Identification (Lower Side)
Chrysler 68RFE 2019-Later Valve Body Identification (Lower Side)

The solenoid pack and gasket also had significant changes. Figure 3 shows the connector color has now changed from gray to blue. Internally, solenoid function changed, as the addition of the TCC solenoid changes the Low/Reverse solenoid duties to only control Low/Reverse clutch application, as previous versions required the Low/Reverse solenoid to also control the TCC application. The Reverse clutch now has its own control solenoid, which was not available on previous versions. These changes were introduced to better control the TCC application and release and to also deal with Reverse release clunk complaints.

Figure 3 – Valve Body Identification (Upper Side)
Chrysler 68RFE 2019-Later Valve Body Identification

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