68RFE, 68RFE Multi-Plate Performance Converter

Performance Converter Kit
Part No. CH-RK-6

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When diesel trucks are modified for either racing or street use, OE clutch plates slip and just do not hold. Upgrading to an aftermarket multi-plate converter is the only solution.

Sonnax offers heavy duty, performance converter kit CH-RK-6 for 68RFE converters. The damperless Sonnax kit pairs the salvaged OE fluid coupling parts (impeller, stator and turbine) with a new heavy duty front cover, clutch plates, piston and turbine hub to increase overall converter capacity.

Clear instructions, minimal setup and easy assembly make these foolproof upgrades. All-new kit components eliminate the rework and limitations associated with salvaged parts.

  • Fully-machined, forged chromoly damperless piston features heat treated splines and won't bend under extreme lockup pressure.
  • Increased oil flow improves cooling and lubrication of clutch plates.
  • Three non-segmented, high-thermal, high-torque capacity friction elements.
  • Turbine Hub Rivets (8)
  • Turbine Hub
  • Energizer Ring
  • Seal PTFE
  • Radial Lip Seal
  • Thrust Washer
  • Piston
  • Clutch Plate with External Splines
  • Clutch Plate with Internal Splines
  • Ball Bearing
  • Front Cover
  • Dampered: No
  • Lockup: Multi-Plate
  • Core: Chrysler 68RFE
  • Unit Size: 13.5"
  • Clutch Material: HTE
  • Transmission Unit: 68RFE
  • Turbine Hub Input Spline Count: 27

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  • 68RFE, 68RFE Multi-Plate Performance Converter Performance Converter Kit CH-RK-6

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