350, 400, AT-500, Powerglide

Pump Bushing
Part No. 34234B-01

OE Part No. 29511860

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Turbocharged racing applications with GM 350, 400, AT-500 and Powerglide transmissions get hot enough during staging that the common babbit pump bushings melt and disintegrate. This bronze bushing has a melting point three times greater than babbit bushings and will withstand the extreme peak temperatures seen in high-powered, turbocharged racing applications. Sonnax pump bushing 34234B-01 is a direct replacement that can be used to service any 350, 400, AT-500 or Powerglide application.

  • Wear-resistant bronze lining
  • Three times the melting point of babbit bushings
  • Longer pump life
  • Bushing Style: Precision
  • Material: Bronze
  • 350, 400, AT-500, Powerglide Pump Bushing 34234B-01