May 09, 2017

Level Up with Sonnax: 5 Key Powerglide Transmission Areas to Upgrade for Optimum Performance

Budget Builds • 1/4 Mile • <1,500 HP CONTENDER

Balanced Cost/Durability • 1/4 & 1/8 Mile, Mud • <2,000 HP PREMIUM

Maximum Durability • 1/4 & 1/8 Mile, Mud, Monster • <3,000 HP EXTREME

The many options for taking a Powerglide transmission to the next tier of performance can be overwhelming. The charts below identify the five major part groups for which Sonnax offers upgrade options. Strong, durable components for every build level — Contender, Premium and Extreme — guarantee racers never underspec or overpay for unmatched transmission performance.

Input Shaft

The input shaft is one of the most highly stressed parts of the transmission. Delivering modern power levels through the transmission is no easy task. Having the right shaft for your power level is the key to avoiding spline twist and shaft breakage at the track.

Stator Support

The stator support is commonly changed when upgrading the Powerglide input shaft. From a basic upgrade to fully optimized extreme build, the heat-treated splines and tough steel construction of Sonnax stator support tubes have the strength to stay in place.


A servo that applies and releases as expected is the key to a reliable transmission. Old-school servos fall far short leading to frustrating problems like band failures, broken shafts and staging issues. Complete servo kits from Sonnax use innovative engineering to solve these longstanding problems.


Mixing parts from various sources can lead to hidden apply problems. A Sonnax drum kit is the best way to make sure the drum, piston and hub work together for trouble-free operation.


Stock planetary gears are time bombs waiting to fail in a racing transmission. When picking a replacement, “one size fits all” is a recipe for disappointment. With four ratios across three performance levels, Sonnax planetary assemblies are the #1 choice for outstanding performance and reliability.

Custom Build Examples

Sonnax offers multiple options in each part category so that you can tailor builds to your customers' needs. The three builds shown here are examples only.

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CostBudget BuildsImproved Durability,
Reasonable Cost
Max Durability,
Cost is a Secondary Concern
UsageQuarter MileQuarter/Eighth Mile,
Quarter/Eighth Mile,
Mud, Monster
PowerUp to 1,500 HPUp to 2,000 HPUp to 3,000 HP
Input ShaftExtreme Strength,
Input Shaft, Ringed

Extreme Strength
Input Shaft, Ringless

Big Input Shaft Kit
Stator SupportStator Support Shaft Tube
Ringless Stator Support
Shaft Tube

Big Input Shaft Stator Tube
ServoSupported Servo Master Kit
Smart-Tech® Ratio-Style Servo
Smart-Tech® Ratio-Style Servo
DrumContender Clutch Drum,
Hub & Piston Kit

10-Clutch Drum,
Hub & Piston Kit with Bearing

Smart-Tech® 10-Clutch Drum Kit
Planetary1.80 Contender
Planetary Carrier

1.69 Premium
Planetary Carrier

1.58 Planetary Assembly Kit 28158G-NS
Ring Gear Stabilizer Kit 28510-S3

More Critical Sonnax Components to Extend Durability

You’ve got the big upgrades specced out, now it’s time to ensure other key components are in top shape to help the transmission run efficiently all season long. These Sonnax performance parts are highly recommended in every Powerglide build.

PartPart No.Details
Pump Bushing34034T-01Highly wear-resistant PTFE lining for maximum durability & tight tolerance
for improved fit
Oil Pan Kit28801-SLightest pan on the track features seamless construction with 2 qts. extra fluid capacity, requires filter extension kit
Filter Extension Kit28801-S09KFor standard Powerglide valve body & filter, Chrysler filter to Hipster kit also available
Band Adjustment Screw Kit28612-01K
Shift Lever Kit28431-05KBolt-together kit works with all common competition shifters;
click here for one-piece kit
Output Shaft Support Kit28080K
Drum Small Parts Kit28755-SPKSpring retainer, springs, retaining rings, wear plates, lip seals & PTFE bushing
.061" Friction - Red MaterialS019740AOther options available
12-Tooth, .060" Kolene® SteelS019701AKOther options available
Extra Wide Band - Red MaterialS019961Kevlar® lining also available
Reverse Springs28320A
Reverse Spring Retainer28709
Slip YokeT3-3-6081HRoller bearing style, 1350 U-joint series, 27-spline

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