Roller Bearing Slip Yoke
Part No. T3-3-2431CBH

For roller bearing tail housing; TH400, 4L80-E; Powerglide with 32-tooth spline; G-Force GSR manual transmission

Slip yokes found in many common applications run on a bushing inside the transmission tail housing. High-horsepower builds often use a roller bearing instead, so upgrading to a roller bearing yoke is a must — not only for proper fitment, but to guarantee the barrel is hard enough to avoid damage from the bearings.

Sonnax performance roller bearing slip yoke T3-3-2431CBH fits a variety of applications, including those listed here, and is specifically designed for use with tail housings that are equipped with a roller bearing instead of a bushing. It is forged from rugged chromoly steel, precision machined, through-hardened and expertly tempered to be able to withstand the most severe performance environments. Perfectly suited for all high-horsepower and torque capacity vehicles, whether at the strip, on the street or at the track.

Talk with a transmission builder or driveline shop to verify your vehicle's output shaft style.

  • Forged 4340 chromoly
  • Through-hardened, tempered barrel
  • Unique Sonnax design increases strength in critical areas
  • Use with single- or double-roller bearings
  • 100% leak tested to 40 psi
  • Material: Forged 4340 Chromoly
  • Counter Bore (Y/N): Yes
  • U-Joint Series: 1350
  • Spline Type: Counterbore
  • Centerline to End Length: 5.500"
  • Weight: 2.800lbs
  • Spline Tooth Count: 32
  • Barrel Length: 3.800"
  • Journal Dia.: 1.888"

Where to Buy

Contact your Sonnax Performance Slip Yokes Distributor or your local driveline shop for availability. If you need assistance finding a shop, fill out the form and a Sonnax driveline product specialist will contact you.

  •  Roller Bearing Slip Yoke T3-3-2431CBH


How to Choose the Right Slip Yoke

Learn All About Sonnax Slip Yokes

How to Measure a Slip Yoke

Measure OE slip yoke with a precision tool to determine which Sonnax yoke you need. Centerline to end length, journal size and U-joint series are critical dimensions requiring accurate measurements.

  • Some slip yokes have missing splines — include the missing spline in your count or count the splines on the transmission output shaft.
  • Also check if the OE yoke has a counterbore and whether the transmission tail housing uses a bushing or roller bearing.
  • A Spline Count
  • B Journal Dia.
  • C Centerline to End Length
  • D Barrel Length
  • E U-Joint Width*
  • F U-Joint Cap Diameter*

*U-joint bores in yoke will be slightly larger than the actual U-joint dimensions given in the chart below.

ASpline Count
CCenterline to End Length CounterboreBBarrel LengthDJournalDiameter
FEU-Joint SeriesE = U-Joint WidthF = U-Joint Cap Diameter


How to Determine a U-Joint Series

U-Joint Series
U-Joint Width (inches)
U-Joint Cap Diameter (inches)
3R 2.562 1.125
1310 3.219 1.062
1330 3.622 1.062
1350 3.622 1.188
1410 4.188 1.188
1480 4.188 1.375
1485 4.178 1.375
1550/1555 4.964 1.375 outside snap rings

Measure the inside snap ring, indicated on the diagram as G.


Need help choosing a slip yoke? Watch this video.