June 17, 2022

DIY Tool for FAST Sonnax RFE Accumulator Piston Installs

Presented by Sonnax

Learn how to make a handy tool for fast, easy installation of Sonnax RFE accumulator pistons. These popular parts feature a dual-seal design for exceptional sealing and improved durability, which is great for keeping the comebacks away, but does make them a little more tedious to install. To solve this problem, Sonnax recommends making a handy tool from a cut-off section of an RFE valve body to quickly align the pistons, size the seals and then install them. Watch this video to learn how!

Featured in this video: Sonnax accumulator piston kits for Chrysler 40TE/S, 41AE, 41TE/S, 42LE/RLE, 62TE, 45/545RFE, 65/66/68RFE

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