December 21, 2023

6L80, 6L90 300mm Converter Heavy-Duty Builds Explained

Presented by Sonnax

If you're interested in upgrading the torque converter in a GM 6L80 or 6L90 transmission, watch this video. You'll learn about the critical weak points of the stock-size, 300mm units and the difference between performance and heavy-duty converter upgrades. To understand options for good/better/best builds, you'll get a closeup look at key components like the front cover, piston and clutch plates, plus unique features of Sonnax multi-plate performance converter kits — the ultimate way to maximize reliability in JMBXJMBVJMDZ and JMDY coded units.

For a quick overview of build options, check out this guide to Sonnax 6L80/90 300mm converter upgrades.

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