April 28, 2017

4L60/E Performance & Heavy-Duty Transmission Build Charts

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Build the killer 4L60-E with Sonnax

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Use these charts to get maximum results out of your 4L60-E series rebuild! First choose your build type, then view the list of Sonnax parts recommended to achieve the ideal upgrade for your transmission.

Syclone racing cropped

Ray Lichtenberg's "Hated" Syclone

  • Level 3 Sonnax 4L60/E Build
  • 900 HP
  • 1,000 ft-lbs
  • AWD

Still going strong after 3 SEASONS on the road and track, Sonnax upgrades harnessed the Syclone's huge horsepower and massive torque during the 2017 Optima Ultimate Street Car Challenge.

Heavy-Duty Pickup Builds

Option A

Quick upgrades for big performance without a big price tag.

Option B

Best parts for heavy-duty recalibration and durability.

Level 1 Performance Builds

For lightly modified performance/enthusiast vehicles.

Options A and B are separate ways to get to similar levels of performance. Option A is easily done with transmission in the vehicle and does not require valve body removal. Option B has similar effect on shifting, etc., however these parts do require transmission removal and disassembly. If/when the Option A (4th and 2nd servo’s) is combined with Option B Performance Pack HP-4L60E-01, the result is very close to a Level 2 build.

Option A

Upgrades for performance recalibration and durability, no trans removal required. Most change in shift feel comes from the servos.

Option B

Best parts for performance recalibration and durability. Most change in shift feel comes from the Performance Pack.

Level 2 Performance Build

For moderately modified performance vehicles (up to 450HP).

Heavy-duty parts and recalibration allow transmissions to endure power levels beyond what a stock transmission is built to handle.

Level 3 Performance Build

For all extreme performance applications, above 450HP.

The ultimate collection of 4L60/E upgrades for maximum strength, durability and quick shifts, including Smart-Tech® parts to ensure trannies stay out of the shop. When installed in a 4L65-E or 4L70-E, a Sonnax Level 3 build delivers a big power tranny that not only exceeds the capabilities of the 650 ft-lb 4L75-E, but is moving well into 4L80-E territory. For those on the fence about swapping transmissions, it's a great way to avoid the complications and inefficiencies of converting to a 4L80-E.

This video breaks down how to transform a 4L60-E, 4L65-E or 4L70-E into a top-tier performance transmission with Sonnax Level 3 build components.

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