October 24, 2018

Clean Up Your Shifts with Sonnax Line Pressure Booster Kits

Presented by Sonnax

Sonnax line pressure booster kits deliver precision pressure control you can count on. Ideal for everyday drivers, heavy-duty vehicles, lightly-modded performance vehicles and commercial trucks and vans, the combination of a slightly stronger pressure regulator spring and a large-ratio boost valve build in clean, crisp shifts without low-speed harshness. The unique electronic booster kit RFE-LB1 for Chrysler 68RFE transmissions works the same way using an integrated chip (IC) circuit and stronger PR spring. Multiple kits are available for a variety of Ford, GM, Chrysler, and Toyota/Lexus applications.

Watch this video to learn more or click here for more information about Sonnax booster kits.

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