September 03, 2008

GM-N-20: Enhanced Replacement for GM-N-18 Impeller Side Bearing

The 6L80-E impeller side enclosed bearing, GM-N-20 can be used as an enhanced replacement for the impeller side bearing in the GM 300mm. It may also be the better impeller side bearing option in the GM Late 4L80-E (single stator) converter.

Several customers told us that they were having problems with the impeller side bearings in the GM 300mm unit (GM-N-18). After researching this issue and comparing the GM-N-18 to the similarly sized GM-N-20 bearing, we believe the GM-N-20 is the better product for the impeller side bearing. As the races associated with the GM-N-20 are thicker, material must be machined off the back of the stator when used to replace the GM-N-18 bearing. The inside diameters of both bearings are the same. We recommend continuing to use the GM-N-18 to replace turbine side bearings in the GM 300mm due to their low failure rate and since the turbine side stator cap is already fairly thin.

Impeller & Turbine Side Bearing,
GM 300mm & Late 4L80-E (Single Stator)
Impeller Side Bearing, GM 6L80-E
Upgrade Replacement for GM-N-18

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