FN4A-EL Transmission

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Remanufactured Valve Body


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Stator Bushing 46000-01K

Turbine Shaft Pump Support

  • Bushing Style: Precision
  • Material: Bimetal
  • Housing Bore: 0.867"
  • Shaft Dia.: 0.747"
  • Width: 0.266"
    Helps cure:
  • High TCC slip RPM (TCCMACT) increases with operating temperature
  • Code P0741
  • Bushing failure
  • Bushing wear
  • Overheating
Valve Body
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Oversized Pressure Regulator Valve Kit 46892-01K

    Helps cure:
  • Clutch & band failures
  • Loss of lube oil
  • Low line pressure
  • High line pressure
  • Soft shifts
  • Harsh shifts
  • Low converter pressure
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Oversized Solenoid Pressure Regulator or Converter Relief Valve 46892-03

Fits two locations.

    Helps cure:
  • Delayed engagement
  • Loss of lube oil
  • TCC apply & release concerns
  • TCC codes
  • Burnt clutches
  • Harsh shifts
  • Slipping gears
  • Soft shifts
  • Solenoid performance codes
  • Wrong gear starts
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Shift Solenoid 46950

'99-Later 1999-Later , On-Off style

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Tool Kit F-46892-TL

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Tool Kit F-46892-TL3