• Bearing noise
  • Bearing failure
  • Push belt slippage


Worn or damaged OE secondary pulley bearing (cover side).


Restore normal operation by installing Sonnax secondary pulley bearing.

JF010E (RE0F09A/RE0F09B)

Secondary Pulley Bearing
Part No. 33229G

Fits cover side of RE0F09B.

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Sonnax secondary pulley bearing 33229G is a direct replacement for the cover-side bearing in Jatco/Nissan JF010E (RE0F09B) CVT units.

Sonnax bearings for JF010E (RE0F09A/RE0F09B):

Component O.D. I.D. Width
Secondary Pulley (Cover Side, RE0F09A) 33229H 105mm 45mm 21mm
Secondary Pulley (Cover Side, RE0F09B) 33229G 100mm 45mm 21mm
Secondary Pulley (Torque Converter Side) 33228G 52mm 26.8mm 26mm
Primary Pulley (Cover Side) 33235G 84mm 32.2mm 15mm
Primary Pulley (Torque Converter Side) 33236G 100mm 65mm 17mm

For RE0F09A units, use 33229H.

  • JF010E (RE0F09A/RE0F09B) Secondary Pulley Bearing 33229G